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Tideswell War Memorial, Derbyshire - Duggan & Parr

The War Memorial is Grade II-listed and located in the Market Square of Tideswell in Derbyshire. A tall cross sits on top of a base split into three panels to commemorate men of the town who lost their lives in both the First and the Second World War.

The Problem

Repair and restoration were needed following numerous years of weathering that had taken their toll on the memorial. Restoration of the surrounding railings and general improvements to the enclosure were also needed. This work included creating safe access, dressing the stone, refining stone indents, raking out and pointing, restoring original carved letterings, and carrying out cleaning and repairs of the Wrought Iron Railings.

The Solution

Following approval, Duggan & Parr completed a full clean of the memorial using the ThermaTech super-heated water-based cleaning system. This clean was carried out by one of their operatives trained in using the system. Scaffolding was also erected to aid in the cleaning, and the Wrought Iron railings were removed, repaired and re-installed on site using traditional lead fixings.

The Outcome

As the photographs show, the Duggan & Parr Stone Repair Services team did an outstanding job restoring this memorial back to its former glory. Work on such a delicate piece needs to be undertaken with care and the correct technical knowledge to ensure no damage is caused through the use of unsuitable cleaning methods.

  • Commemorative inscriptions on the Tideswell War Memorial
  • Tideswell War Memorial with stone steps, before cleaning
  • Tideswell War Memorial stone steps from another angle
  • Tideswell War Memorial during cleaning with ThermaTech
  • Tideswell War Memorial, surrounding stone wall and railings
  • Tideswell War Memorial, full view from entrance
  • Tideswell War Memorial, selected stone panels and slabs after cleaning
  • Tideswell War Memorial, whole memorial after cleaning
  • Tideswell War Memorial, central plinth with inscriptions and steps after cleaning