Chemical Products for Masonry Conservation

Stone Poultices, Paint Removers, Cleaning Gels, Abrasives & More

Do you work in the conservation and restoration of buildings, monuments or historic ordnance?

Restorative Techniques has decades of cumulative expertise on chemical treatment solutions.

We are experienced suppliers of dedicated chemical products, brushes and sponges to conservators of our built heritage both in the UK and internationally.

We are also highly knowledgeable consultants on conservation and restoration projects. Whatever substrates you are working with and whatever coatings removal requirements you may have, we can advise on an appropriate solution from among the extensive range of products we supply.

Whether you need paint removers, graffiti removal products, ready-mixed poultices, poultice components, cleaning gels, sequestering agents, stone surface treatments and repair components, or abrasives, we have the chemical product for you. We also supply seven types of brushes and sponges, pH indicator strips, and water hardness indicator strips.

Take a look through our dedicated catalogues linked below for more information and to find the product you need. For further advice, please contact us today.

Chemical Products Catalogue

Paint Removers

We supply acrylic - type paint softener, polyurethane / oil - type paint softener, rapid paint softener, and cement / lime paint remover.

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Graffiti products

We supply graffiti remover, ghosting remover concentrate, anti - graffiti coating, marker pigment remover, rapid resinous paint softener, and acetic acid after - rinse.

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Ready-Mixed Poultices

We supply standard latex cleaning poultice, low - ammonia latex cleaning poultice, Monumentique Paste C latex paste, copper stain poultice, standard ammonium carbonate poultice, clay - free ammonium carbonate poultice, browning poultice, iron stain poultice, and silicone poultice.

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Poultice Components

We supply additive for latex cleaning poultice, wetting agent, sepiolite clay, ammonium carbonate granules, Arbocel BC1000 cellulose fibre, 200 - grade cellulose fibre, carboxymethyl cellulose, citric acid granules, and fumed silica powder.

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Cleaning Liquids & Gels

We supply cleaning liquids, gels and pastes for stone, marble, alabaster and masonry: exterior algae remover, EDTA cleaning gel, peroxide gel, EDTA-based sequestering agent paste, mild pH facade cleaner, complex cleaning gel, enzyme-based oil digester, & ThermaTech descaler

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Surface Treatment / Stone Repairs

We supply Vulpex liquid soap concentrate, Renaissance Wax, stone repair powder component, and stone repair liquid component.

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We supply three types of universal pH indicator papers, and water hardness indicator strips.

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Brushes & Sponges

We supply melamine ‘magic’ sponges, ‘pork or lamp chop’ brushes, converging brushes, scrub - type brushes, nail - type brushes, churn brushes, and circular scrub - type brushes.

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We supply dolomite abrasive 140µ, calcite abrasive 140µ, aluminium silicate abrasive, recycled glass abrasive, walnut shell abrasive, and sodium bicarbonate abrasive.

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