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ThermaTech Modular, superheated-water cleaning equipment

ThermaTech is a modular range of equipment producing superheated water at temperatures up to 150ᵒC, for the purpose of masonry cleaning, paint removal and coatings removal on heritage and other structures.

It has been designed in 110v from the ground up to be environmentally and user friendly as well as easy to transport and manoeuvre on site. ThermaTech can be used by a single operator, or for certain applications, two simultaneously using one machine.

Learn about ThermaTech's advantages over other superheated water masonry cleaning systems

Often without the addition of any chemicals, ThermaTech can be used for the melting or removal of:

Flexible Paints, Surface Treatments, Chewing Gum, Wax, Oil/Bitumen, Organic Matter from substrates

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Technical Guide: download our Technical Guide for the ThermaTech Superheated Water-based Masonry Cleaning System for an overview of the product. We explain how the ThermaTech works, offer a description and full technical specification, and advise on how best to clean certain coatings.

Information Brochure: download our ThermaTech Information Brochure for further details on the ThermaTech system. This includes an introduction to the full range including the Standard and INOX models, case studies showing before and after images, customer testimonials, and details of how best to get in touch if you would like to know how we can help you.

Where has it been used?

"The ThermaTech was the perfect machine for this job, it removed the old limewash without disturbing the underlying historic render and masonry"

Philip Scorer

A modular approach to design

ThermaTech is a modular system designed for safety, usability and ease of transit. Some elements are removable to facilitate use, storage and compact transportation.


The standard pump unit is 110v with a flow range of 4.0 – 8.5 litres/minute. Pressure is adjustable from 30 – 140 Bar (See Lances for optional 0 – 140 Bar and next to no water flow setup). With the addition of a drop-in transformer and appropriate pump unit, ThermaTech can be run on 230v and achieve a maximum pressure of 160 Bar.

Triggers / lances

Triggers are available as either 'Standard', offering constant flow in operation, or as 'Pressure Reducing', which allows pressure adjustment in the range of 0 Bar – Maximum pressure. Standard lances are fitted with standard nozzles to provide a 40ᵒ fan jet of superheated water at temperatures of up to 150ᵒC. Other lances and nozzles are available on request and can often be tailored to your requirements, such as more diffuse steam-type jets etc.


The tubular steel frame is designed for life cycle longevity and ease of access for maintenance and servicing. It provides hangers for the fuel supply and pump unit as well as providing an exoskeleton to house and protect the boiler unit.


A removable Jerrycan eliminates the need for an integrated fuel tank in the base unit and minimises the risk of any fuel spillage on site.

ThermaTech has been specifically designed for reliability using high quality, recyclable materials, reducing reliance on chemicals and boosting the performance of milder agents.

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User Friendly Design

Designed for one person to load into and out of most vehicles safely. Can be transported in multiple positions.
Digital primary temperature control achieves more accurate temperatures, with less fluctuation, providing better efficiency.
Removable fuel tank with lockable pick-up device minimises risk of serious fuel spillage on site.
Colour-coded high-pressure hoses aid quick set-up times and improve safety awareness. Cold hoses are blue; hot hoses are red.
Numerous in-built safety features to keep machine, operatives and public safe.
Designed to be run on various fuel types* (or a mixture thereof) without adjustment to the fuel delivery system. [*Red or White Diesel, EN14214 Grade Bio-Fuels and 28-second Kerosene.]

Key Technical Details

IP67 rating on pump controls and electronics, exceeding current regulations.
Pump units have secondary outlets allowing for: operatives to depressurise the system from the base unit (as opposed to depressurising from the trigger); easy priming when running from a static water supply (i.e. a barrel or bowser); and even two boiler units to be run in tandem from one pump.
Ground-up design incorporates environmentally responsible manufacturing processes with very little non-recyclable waste produced.
24v controls exceed current regulations and provide a safer working environment.
Five-stage contamination separation in the fuel system ensures good, clean fuel supply, achieving best possible boiler efficiency.
All switches have ‘under-volt’ and ‘over-current’ protection, which protects against the effects of improper power supply and overloading.
A visual gauge on the control panel allows operatives to gain an indication of the condition of the fuel filter, meaning routine maintenance can be carried out before it causes a problem.
ThermaTech utilises a particular angle of nozzle (40 degree), where most systems make use of 25 degree angled nozzles, that as well as being narrower in scope, will potentially provide slower and reduced work rates (and therefore increase labour costs), plus there is an increased risk of substrate damage.