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St. George's Hall Cenotaph, Liverpool - Duggan & Parr

The Grade I-Listed Cenotaph is situated in front of St George’s Hall in Liverpool. Designed by Lionel Budden, the memorial itself is made up of a rectangular stone block set upon a stone platform. Bronze sculptures adorn the side, showing images of troops and mourners.

The Problem

Duggan & Parr Stone Repair Services had been tasked with the cleaning of the Cenotaph for two consecutive years by Liverpool City Council. Being exposed to the elements means that the Cenotaph needs regular cleaning to ensure its preservation for the future.

The Solution

Using the ThermaTech super-heated water-based cleaning system, Duggan & Parr got to work. Trained conservators among the team with experience of using the system were enlisted to carry out the work on this highly prestigious monument.

The Outcome

Using the super-heated compressed water system, the team was able to carry out the delicate work with great success. The finished work is something to be proud of and lets the beauty of the monument really shine through.

  • View of the Cenotaph while undergoing cleaning
  • View of the Cenotaph before cleaning
  • ThermaTech equipment at the ready for use on the Cenotaph
  • ThermaTech equipment on standby, with water hose and cables
  • Cenotaph during cleaning at ground level
  • Cenotaph during cleaning at a height from an aerial boom
  • Cenotaph showing details after cleaning