Graffiti Removal from buildings and walls is a common requirement of both local authorities and the organisations responsible for managing heritage assets.

To safely and effectively remove graffiti without causing permanent damage to the underlying substrate requires expert knowledge of appropriate methods and chemicals.


Graffiti Removal Technical Paper

Our founding director Jamie Fairchild has recently co-written with Catherine Woolfitt the main technical paper on graffiti removal and prevention in a building conservation context published by Historic England, Graffiti on Historic Buildings: Removal and Prevention.

Mr. Fairchild is a retained consultant for Historic England. He previously wrote another paper for the organisation entitled Types of Graffiti, and has served as a consultant contributor to the writing of their series of technical handbooks collectively entitled Practical Building Conservation, as well as occasional articles in their journal Conservation Bulletin, for example one on the environmental considerations around the choice of chemicals used in paint stripping.