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Stone and Brick Cleaning Ltd – private residence

Stone and Brick Cleaning Ltd was asked to carry out cleaning of stonework in the garden of this private residence in Surrey. The grounds included a sunken rose garden and some 380 square metres of stone patio, which had not been used or maintained for ten years.

The Problem

The patio and sunken garden had been neglected for many years, and there was substantial staining and algae on the surface of the stone. The brick walls surrounding the sunken garden were also affected. A test area by another firm using high pressure washers had caused noticeable damage to the surface of the brick and pitting of the stone. We were asked to clean these areas without damaging the brick or stone.

The Solution

As well as cleaning the sunken garden we were asked to clean 450m2of stone patio. We also had to remove modern plastic paint from the exterior brick of the main house, some 3,240m2, and then repair damage and repaint with mineral paint. Jamie visited the site and we decided that the best approach to take would be to use the Thermatech Superheated Water Cleaning System. Whilst some areas in the rose garden had stubborn staining, we achieved the desired result by going over them two or three times.

The Outcome

The Thermatech system worked very well, cleaning the stone and brickwork to the desired standard without causing any further damage. The before and after pictures clearly show the effectiveness of the system and its multiple applications - for example we've also used it to clean moss from the roof of a Grade II listed Almshouse.

  • Removing plastic paint from Bath stone.
  • Ornament and parapet before cleaning.
  • Ornament and parapet after cleaning with ThermaTech.
  • Sunken garden before cleaning.
  • Sunken garden after cleaning with ThermaTech.
  • Garden wall during cleaning with ThermaTech.
  • Moss on clay roof tiles of Grade II Almshouse.
  • Moss being removed.
  • Roof after cleaning with ThermaTech.