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AVV Solutions - Private Estate

AVV Solutions was contracted to carry out cleaning and repairs to this Grade I listed church, which was built circa 1758 and was possibly designed by John Pitt.

The Problem

The church takes the form of a Greek cross plan, with an octagonal tower above the crossing. The church has been painted white - originally with a lime wash, then with Snowcem paint and finally with a non-breathable paint. This had caused a significant damp problem within the church and spalling to the bricks. Our task was to remove the existing paint coatings and carry out the necessary masonry repairs.

The Solution

The paint removal was achieved using a paint softener and the ThermaTech Superheated Water Cleaning System. To assist us in identifying the right approach, Jamie came to site and we carried out various settings for water pressure and temperature. On areas of firmly adhered paint coatings we used the acrylic and polyurethane paint softeners. Having removed the old coatings, we replaced the spalled bricks with matching reclaimed bricks. The existing lime pointing was matched using lime and sand.

The Outcome

The appearance of the church is much improved and the interior environment is showing the benefit of removing the non-breathable paint from masonry. Lady Douro from the Duke of Wellington Estate was extremely impressed with the end result and has since recommended us for further projects. We are currently using ThermaTech at Inner Court, Trinity College in Cambridge and at a number of listed buildings throughout London.

  • Church prior to any treatment. Image courtesy of AVV Solutions Ltd ©
  • Church after project completion. Image courtesy of AVV Solutions Ltd ©